Ellen Berman



Often noted as a sensual painter, Ellen Berman fuses popular standards of perfection with a visual clarity so striking to the viewer, that one wonders if such objects can exist outside of an idealized imagination. Branches from the noble Magnolia tree, as well as a variety of fruits and vegetables and the bowls that contain them become both vehicles of the artists masterful hand and forever escape their temporal nature.


Conduit Gallery Exhibitions

Selected Exhibitions:

  • David Findlay Jr. Contemporary Fine Art, New York, NY
  • Beeville Museum of Art, Beeville, TX
  • Austin Museum of Art, Austin, TX
  • Galveston Art Center, Galveston, TX
  • Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin, TX
  • Art Museum of Southeast Texas, Beaumont, TX
  • Goethe Institute, Houston, TX
  • Blaffer Gallery, Houston, TX
  • Laguna Gloria Museum, Austin, TX
  • Art Museum of South Texas, Corpus Christi, TX
  • Amarillo Museum of Art, Amarillo, TX
  • Nelson Akins Museum, Kansas City, MO